[EDM]:BPCS:ERP Enterprise Document Management
Enterprise Document Management (EDM) is the world‘s leader in document preparation, generation, and delivery. EDM encompasses web-based document collaboration with workflow and integrates internally and externally with the leading ERP, WMS, TMS and CRM systems. EDM provides not only document generation through delivery but also B2B messaging, imaging and archive and retrieval capability. more >
[opentrade]:BPCS OpenTrade
OpenTrade is an internet based collaborative platform to streamline the financial supply chain. The Financial Supply Chain refers to the end-to-end trade processes and information that drive a company‘s cash, accounts, and working capital. >From a buyer‘s perspective, this involves the full procurement-to-payment process. For the seller, it is the order-to-cash cycle. The financial supply chain, which drives financial settlement, takes over where the physical supply chain ends. more >
[erpmakeover]:BPCS Extreme ERP makeover
Extreme ERP Makeover is Looking at current processes that need improvement and improving them quickly efficiently and effectively.

Any and all ERP related processes are on the table and extend systems out of “comfort zone” more >
[enable]:BPCS:ERP LX Enable
TRADEPAQ.enable provides enterprises running any Green Screen application with the ability to protect and enhance their existing ERP investment by integrating e-commerce into their business practices (i.e. collaborative commerce, e-procurement, business intelligence and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities). more >